RemoteAccessBar - musings. Nothing more.

I’m a barrister at Outer Temple Chambers in London. I’ve also been a professional writer for almost 30 years, in one way or another. I need to write; and I hope some of it may be worthwhile to read.

I publish at, but I’m now sending out a (mostly) daily short piece on Substack as well. Much easier for everyone who might want to read it. The Substack stuff will always include links to anything longer-form I’ve written on that main site. If I write anything anywhere else, the Substack emails will bring you to it.

So drop by the site - or just subscribe and get it sent. Either, both or neither is fine. But if you’d like to read, and indeed to correspond, I’d welcome the chance to talk. And listen.

As a barrister, I’m regulated by the Bar Standards Board. Details of my practice can be found at the website of my Chambers, Outer Temple. If - heaven forfend - you need to know about complaints procedures, they can be found here.

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Mostly inspired by life at the new, remote-first Bar. But as is now the norm in our strange new world, life will tend to intrude.


I'm a barrister in the UK. All kinds of things interest me, but law and genre probably most of all...